Shed the discretion. Your days of sheepishly buying condoms with weird names are over. It's time the world stopped being weird about sex.

  • Vegan
  • Bio Degradable
  • all natural
  • Fair Trade
  • Clean Scented
  • Ultra Thin

Proudly tear open our silky-smooth, vegan condoms once you've undressed.
They're designed to make you both happy down there.

About 22

Twenty-two, India’s first luxury condom is an initiative under The Earth Love.

With TwentyTwo, we ask you to allow us to be the best catalyst ever. TwentyTwo is the eco-friendliest condom in the market today. All TwentyTwo products are vegan, biodegradable, promote fair trade and use minimal plastic. They feel pretty amazing too. Here’s to the best you’ve ever felt.

It’s no secret that most condoms found in the market today are generic, cheap and non-biodegradable. People who’d like to spoil or pamper themselves and their significant others often find themselves without many choices. TwentyTwo is your answer. TwentyTwo is for the affluent, the sophisticated and the bold.

Because you deserve nothing less.

Unabashedly Shameless

Shed taboos with our sexual wellness products. Proudly carry, fearlessly purchase and appropriately gift.
Because you deserve nothing less.

the story

TwentyTwo is derived from simple human biology. A man's sperm contains 22 chromosomes plus an X or Y chromosome. A woman's egg contains 22 chromosomes plus an X chromosome. The sperm that fertilizes the egg determines the baby's sex. If the sperm carries an X-chromosome, the baby will be XX, a female. If the sperm carries a Y-chromosome, the baby will be XY, a male.

Twenty-two envisions to gift you the absolute experience. Because you deserve nothing less.

Twenty-Two luxury condoms feature the following attributes:

  • Vegan
  • Bio Degradable
  • all natural
  • Fair Trade
  • Clean Scented
  • Ultra Thin

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Are Twenty-Two condoms safe?

Yes, Twenty-Two condoms are CE verified (need confirmation) and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. Condoms are a reliable mode of protection, however no contraceptive can 100% prevent pregnancies, HIV or sexually transmitted infections.

How thin are your condoms?

Twenty-Two are about 0.05500000mm thick. Now we know that’s difficult to picturise, so trust us when we tell you that it’s roughly the width of a lonely strand of hair.

What size do Twenty-Two condoms come in?

Length = 182-190 mms, Width = 52 mms approx.

Are Twenty-Two condoms vegan?

Absolutely! Our condoms do NOT contain any animal by products such as casein (often found in other condoms) and we are officially certified by The Vegan Society (need confirmation).

Are Twenty-Two condoms paraben-free?

Yup, we’ve done it.

Do your condoms contain nitrosamines?

As in any rubber product, there can be traces of nitrosamines, only just around the detection limit. Our condoms are regularly tested for nitrosamines. Scientific literature shows that the number of nitrosamines released from condoms to human body are extremely low when compared to the nitrosamines from food.

How are Twenty-Two condoms made?

Twenty-Two condoms are made from natural rubber, corn starch powder and silicon oil. The rubber has been vulcanised from rubber latex by using sulphur, zinc oxide, accelerators and soap. All condoms are produced with minimal chemical input whilst not compromising on safety.

Anything I should know before using the condom with other products?

Lubricants should be tested for condom compatibility, as only water or silicone-based lubricants can be used as oil-based products can damage the latex. Please check the information leaflet inside each packet carefully for full details.

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